Geek Girl Strong

Hey friends and fans!

Ok, so you all may or may not know I’m a fitness geek and a personal trainer. I have friends in that world doing great things that I want to share. One of those friends is Robyn, a badass health coach, certified personal trainer, powerlifter, and pole dancer. Check out her site and her upcoming fitness challenge! #fitshowgirl

Have you ever worked with a health coach? No? Then GET IN THIS CHALLENGE. My friend and colleague, Robyn (Alias: Stormy Riot), is offering a FREE online health challenge on February 29th with fun ways to choose a goal, plan for success, and maintain healthy habits. Double jump into your spot today. #1upResultsChallenge

I just watched my friend Robyn Warren’s first promotional video for her company Geek Girl Strong and I am so proud of and excited for her. Watch the video for yourself then go ahead and join her FREE online health challenge #1upResultsChallenge Hint: She’s a super geeky girl who can deadlift over 200lbs. []

GGS 1up challenge with picture landing (2)