Pajama Party at the Bell House!

It’s finally cold out, so let’s have a night in our PJs!


You’re invited to Wasabassco’s PAJAMA PARTY, a striptease slumber party spectacular at the Bell House!

All the cool girls will be there and we’re even inviting the b-o-y-s too so no one is going to get much sleep at this sleepover; but there’s definitely going to be pillow fights, plenty of kissing practice, and lots of tassel twirling – and we totally have the keys to the liquor cabinet, too! Put on your best pajamas, pack your teddy bear, and ask your mom if you can come stay over at Wasabassco’s PAJAMA PARTY … and totally tell your hot older brother he’s invited too.

Wasabassco’s PAJAMA PARTY stars Chris Harder, Dangrrr Doll, Doc Wasabassco, Evelyn Vinyl, Hazel Honeysuckle, Medianoche, Nasty Canasta, Qualms Galore, Sydni Deveraux, Tiger Bay, Wae Messed and more.

Sunday, January 17 at 8pm (doors at 7:30)

$20 General Admission. $35 VIP Front Row

The Bell House, 149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY