Next big show is WASABLANCA at the Bell House!

On Friday April 26 The Bell House transforms into a Moroccan den of intrigue, cocktails, jazz, blackmail and burlesque, all inspired by the classic Oscar-winning film Casablanca.

You are invited to a fully immersive evening right out of the golden age of the silver screen. The year is 1941(ish) and the unoccupied area of Brooklyn known as Wasablanca remains one of the last holdouts of freedom against the marching forces of fascism. At The Bell House people come to drink, dance, play games of chance and indulge in acts of subterfuge, conspiracy and illicit liaisons – because in Wasablanca the drinks are cheap, but freedom comes at a price.

Festivities will feature burlesque from Wasabassco, live music all night by The Gelber & Manning Band; a complex struggle of liberty against tyranny from ecdysiast playwright Nasty Canasta; and exquisitely crafted cocktails, jazz age ambience, and all the period dress, glamorous gowns, snazzy suits and fezzes you have come to expect from Wits End. A party, a play, a show – Wasablanca.

Featuring Nasty Canasta, Doc Wasabassco, Don Spiro, Broadway Brassy, Evelyn Vinyl, Handsome Jim Greene, Hazel Honeysuckle, Kita St. Cyr, Marlo Marquise, Nasty Canasta, Sapphire Jones, and Stormy Leather, and more. Live music by Gelber & Manning

The Bell House, 149 7th Street, Brooklyn