That 70s Show

My new obsession has been pretty much anything 70s, and since performing my rug number for the first time it’s only gotten more intense! Thankfully Doc Wasabassco has the answer: an ENTIRE show devoted to the 70s!!

It’s the mid-1970’s: you’re kicking back in your fringed leather jacket and bicentennial-print bellbottom jeans, drinking a can of Naragansett and trying not to fear the reaper, when the open road calls. It’s time to feel the wind in your mustache one more time.

Wasabassco’s got the sweetest ride ever, so come take a shag-carpeted trip in our van full of sexy ladies: we’ve got Foghat on the 8-track, an airbrushed mural of a warrior woman riding a panther through outer space, and a full-sized waterbed in the back for makin’ sweet, sweet 70’s love. Let’s get this show on the road.

Wasabassco’s 70s Van Show… If this van is a rockin’ then please come a knockin.

Starring Evelyn Vinyl, Gal Friday, Hazel Honeysuckle, Mala Morrigan, Medianoche, Nasty Canasta, Poison Ivory, Sapphire Jones, Stache Novak, Stella Chuu and Doc Wasabassco.

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Sunday January 20th. 8pm Doors. $20
With Ample seating! (yep for the first time ever we’ll have rows and rows of chairs at The Bell House)


Wasabassco's 70s Van Show
Wasabassco’s 70s Van Show

And if you want to see the dirtier promo pic, check out 😉