4 hot shows in a row!!

Next week is crazy! I have 4 shows in 4 nights, all fantastic!

Thursday July 26th: Burlesque at the bar with the TARDIS: the Way Station! Starring Evelyn Vinyl, Gemini Rising, Nasty Canasta, and our stage kitten Mischief Molly. Hosted by Doc Wasabassco 9pm

Friday July 27th: My first show at Asbury Lanes! The Modern Pin Up art group show with performances by Hazel Honeysuckle, Amanda Whip and me! Curated by the amazing Ellen Stagg. So much sexy…

Saturday July 28th: the always fun Wasabassco at City Winery! Starring Wasabassco’s Performer Of the Month: Go-Go Harder with Evelyn Vinyl, Gin Minsky, Medianoche, Nasty Canasta, Raquel Reed, Sapphire Jones, Tansy, our stage kitten Mischief Molly, and Doc Wasabassco. Doors at 11pm

Sunday July 29th: My new favorite show, Wasabassco at Bathtub Gin! Sexy vintage burlesque at an equally sexy speakeasy. And each show, someone gets into the brass bathtub! 8pm seating and FREE!